Wednesday, March 25, 2009

California Dreamin'!!

Hit the Beach!! September 2008
We wanted to share a few pictures with you of our trip to Seal Beach a few months ago. We LOVE the ocean and everything it brings with it - beautiful breezes, blue skies, waves, smooth sand, and peacefulness.. can't wait to go back!
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Friday, March 06, 2009

JT's Day!

Happy Birthday to JT!

Today is JT's 8th birthday. He is getting SO big! We want to celebrate JT's special day by telling him how much we love him and how proud of him we are. JT is such a great boy. He has been counting down the days until his birthday and couldn't wait to open his presents today...he even talked his Dad into letting him open one earlier in the week 'cause he just couldn't wait! He loves his Bakugon toys, Power Rangers, and Iron Man figurines.

Happy Birthday, JT - WE LOVE YOU!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm - Sept. 2008

Now that I'm starting to get the hang of blogging, it's time to take you back over the last several months and share some of the fun times we have had!

At the end of September 2008, Scott and I took Sam and Ethan on a much needed vacation. Unfortunately Brandon, Amberly, and JT weren't able to join us, even though we would have loved for them to be there. We started out our trip with a day at Knott's Berry Farm in CA, which was already decorated for Halloween. It was fun! Ethan enjoyed meeting Snoopy, and Sam got her fill of all the rides. It's funny because the older you get, the more those ups and downs and sharp turns affect you...but we didn't let that stop us!

Monday, February 16, 2009

THE WEDDING! January 1st, 2009

This is the day our story begins...New Year's Day 2009...the day we became a family...

Scott - the best husband ever!
The bride-to-be getting ready!
Such handsome boys

The kiss!
The bling!
The new bride and groom
The best bridesmaids ever - our beautiful girls!

The best groomsmen ever - our handsome boys!

Smiling and happy kids

Our happy family

Our muscle men!

Our fabulous parents!

Steve, Jess, and sweet Hailey

Sara, Matt, Ashley, Brayden, and Abby

Daddy and his 'baby girl'

The polka queens!

What a bunch of chickens!!

Followin' the leader!

Beautiful smiles

Mr and Mrs Bobblehead!!

What?! It wasn't US!!???

OHHH...I wonder who could have done this!!

...The Journey Begins!

We have already had so many fun times together that have led up to this big day, and we will share some of these with you on our blog. But, there is not a better place to start than our wedding day. What a beautiful and perfect day - blue sky, green grass, the waterfall in the background, and let's not forget the bright, BRIGHT sun! Everything turned out better than we've ever dreamed of... the music, the decorations, the delicious lasagna, and watching all the kids have a blast dancing and sliding around the floor!

We are so grateful for our family and friends who helped in so many ways!! A special thank you to the best husband ever who humored me and danced his first polka with me to "If you can't do the polka, don't marry my daughter" and to our children, who we love so very much.. It meant the world to us that you could stand up with us when we pledged our love to each other and became a family.

Here's to the many fun adventures of Scott, Miss, and kids to come...we look forward to all the memories and times we will share together!